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Corporate contexts incubate emotional and psychological challenges which are often unaddressed and even unrecognised. While characteristic of competitive environments, and adaptive at some levels, the capacity to compartmentalise also threatens the integration of functioning on which health and well-being depends.

Ability to accommodate – and even to thrive under – prolonged and/or intense pressure is a capacity which is clearly evident in corporate settings. Frequently regarded as imparting an ‘edge’; it becomes a carefully honed modus operandi in which key personnel and whole companies take pride (as well as one on which high productivity is assumed to depend).

But what are the trade-offs, and at what point does endurance cease to be productive?  Given what we know about the risks of desensitisation, are we even able to recognise the point at which it ceases to be functional? Like the proverbial ‘frog in the pot’, it is possible to be ‘cooked’ without even realising it. And the fall-out can be considerable at a number of levels.

If the myth of autonomy dies hard in contemporary culture, it remains particularly resilient in corporate contexts. Survival – and even functioning – can seem to require not only compartmentalisation, but distancing from qualities which appear to threaten this ability. Corporate life can thus feed disincentives to the accessing of support on which human functioning and flourishing also depends. Fear of ‘dependence’ can obscure the reality of interdependence. And a mindset unconducive to well-being – both individual and corporate – can make alternative ways of operating hard to conceive.

In deconstructing the concept and operationalisation of ‘productivity’, I offer a perception and practice of well-being which is tailored to the specifics of corporate life. My approach is multidimensional. It offers a ‘bottom line’ that negotiates realistic and effective professional practice in which the cultivation of well-being is both central and ongoing.

  • Communication and interpersonal dynamics
  • Mediating complex contexts
  • Individual/Group consultations
  • Seminars